Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning in Spring Hill FL

When you come into Shuayb Dental for a teeth cleaning, you get exemplary and professional services from our front office staff to the dentist who completes the teeth cleaning. Professional dental teeth cleaning can help prevent and solve problems that brushing and flossing at home can not on their own. When you have your teeth cleaned, this plays an important part in stopping any gingivitis or periodontal diseases.

Keeping your mouth healthy is an important part of your overall health, as an unhealthy mouth or decayed or infected teeth can cause problems with other parts of your body. When left unchecked, these issues can become very dangerous and put you in the hospital. Proper dental cleaning and examination from the friendly staff at Shuayb Dental will ensure your mouth and body stays healthy.

A teeth cleaning from Shuayb Dental provides the following benefits:

  • Fresh Breath – When somebody has bad breath, known as halitosis, this is usually a sign of an advanced periodontal disease afflicting their gums and mouth. Particles that have become lodged from previous meals have rotted and contributed to the odor, as well as gangrene from within the infected gums. Removing the plaque, tartar, and hidden bacteria will both increase dental and overall health, and reduce bad breath considerably.
  • Healthy Smile – With the removal of tartar and plaque, a teeth cleaning will reveal the whiter, brighter smile underneath. Giving you an immediate improvement when you walk out our doors.
  • The Plaque is Gone – Having the plaque in your mouth removed by a professional, as well as having the solidified tartar that forms from plaque when not fully removed, will help fight off periodontal problems. If you already have periodontal disease, this can in effect reset the playing field. Keeping your mouth healthy and your periodontal disease from getting worse.

We generally recommend our patients to come in for a teeth cleaning every six months. If dealing with periodontal disease, this can be increased to every quarter or 3 or 4 months. While periodontal disease can never be fully treated and cured, proper teeth cleaning will block progression, and lessen certain symptoms that arise from the disease.

Keep your teeth healthy for years to come with regular teeth cleanings at Shuayb Dental.