Dental Crowns

Our goal at Shuayb Dental is to always make all of the work we do appear natural. If you have crowns or fillings, we will replace those crown or fillings with tooth restorations. Tooth restorations look better and they even feel like your natural teeth.

You may have damage that most dentists would not be able to repair. However, Shuayb Dental is able to use porcelain crowns to give you a brand new smile. We may also use pasted on gold crowns. The most severe dental issues can usually be taken care of with porcelain crowns. You can have missing teeth replaced entirely which will allow you to have a proper bite and more appeasing smile. Shuayb Dental has developed a solid reputation as one of the best dental crown specialists in Spring Hill area. While some methods used by other dental practices may only last a few years, our preferred treatment methods can last for 20-30 years. Our experience, methods, and advanced technology allow our temporary treatments to be as close to permanent as possible.

Best Things About Dental Crowns

  • Crowns can replace missing teeth.
  • They can also help make broken or damaged teeth stronger.
  • Crowns look just like your natural teeth.
  • Can take care of any chewing difficulties.
  • Gives you a beautiful and more complete smile.

What Can Crowns Do for You?

Getting a crown is one of the best options to solve a serious dental issue. A quality crown will be made of porcelain bonded to gold or high grade porcelain. Bridges and or crowns can be a perfect long term solution if you have lost or broken teeth. Metal fillings weaken tooth structure and are one of the most common reasons patients need crowns. That is one of the reasons we never use metal fillings at any of our dental practice locations. If you have fillings in your back teeth and have pain when chewing it is likely you have a crack in a tooth. When we place a crown over one of these problem teeth, it will allow you to avoid pain from chewing. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile but veneers are not an option, crowns can provide the same effect.

The CEREC® Process

Exam and Preparation

One of the dentists at Shuayb Dental will determine the proper treatment plan based upon the condition of the tooth. Once we have determined the condition of the tooth we may decide that a simple filling will suffice and you do not need crown. One of our dentists will make sure you are given ample anesthetic. We will then start removing the decayed tooth or teeth.

Optical Impression

Our method of obtaining an optical impression allows us to get a precise impression of your teeth without having to use messy impression gunk. We will use a safe, non-toxic powder on your teeth. Then we will be able to take a digital picture of your teeth to create a digital impression of your teeth. Our technology is state of the art. This process will save you a lot of time in the dental chair.

No Need for a Temporary

The next step in this process involves our CEREC 3-D software. It takes the digital picture we have already obtained and turns it into a 3-D virtual model. One of our dentists will then use a computer program to match the needed specifications for the restoration. The restoration design is then sent to a milling machine within our dental office. A short period of time later (usually about 15-20 minutes), your tooth colored restoration is completed. The dentist will then be able to test the digitally created and milled ceramic tooth to see if it fits and functions properly. The tooth can then be bonded to the existing tooth if it is the correct size and allows for proper bite. There is no need for multiple trips at our dental office. We are able to get it all done within a single appointment at one of our dental offices.


  • C = Chairside – The dental technology used when a patient is in the dental chair.
  • E = Economical – The procedure is economical for the patient and the dentist too.
  • R = Restorations – Restoring the tooth to a natural looking beauty while still maintaining strength and function.
  • E = Esthetics – The restorations are aesthetically pleasing because they are tooth colored. All restorations are metal-free.
  • C = Ceramic – Shuayb Dental uses high-strength ceramics. Ceramic that is structurally as close as possible to a natural tooth.

CEREC is a system that uses advanced restorative systems so dental procedures can be completed within one appointment. This system enables us to provide you with the highest quality dental care in the shortest period of time. We use this system because we understand your time is valuable. We want you to be able to have shorter dental visits without sacrificing the level of care.

CEREC® is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems.

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