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Dental Implants in Brooksville, FL

These days, replacing a missing tooth doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. There are so many advancements in dental technology that ensure that you get a beautiful, long-lasting false tooth that looks just like your natural teeth. Here at Shuayb Dental in Brooksville and Spring Hill, FL, we offer our patients dental implants, a permanent solution to tooth loss. This artificial tooth root looks, feels, and even acts like a real tooth, making it a popular option with many of our patients.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your dental implant dentist:

  • The price of dental implants can vary greatly, just give us a call to learn more
  • The dental implant procedure is simple and has a very high success rate
  • Dental insurance can make the costs of dental implants much more affordable, especially for full mouth procedures 
  • Dr. Shuayb is a local, top-rated implant dentist, he will explain all of your options in detail during the initial exam 
  • If you are having problems with your current dental implants, we can help fix or replace them 
  • We are one of the best dental implant offices in Spring Hill based on Google reviews

High-Quality and Affordable Dental Implants

Healthy teeth are essential for more than just a beautiful smile—they are a necessity for good health. If you need to replace any missing teeth with dental implants in Brooksville, FL, Shuayb Dental will help with affordable and high-quality dental implants. 

Our friendly, family-owned dental practice has served the residents of Hernando County, Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas for years. Our dental implants will make you look, feel, and function better. The best part is that they look like natural teeth, so no one will be able to tell the difference.

Choose from:

  • Single tooth implants
  • Multiple implants
  • Full mouth implants

Pop into one of our dental offices today to speak with our resident dentists and explore which dental implants can help you rediscover your smile.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants Brooksville FL

Dental implants are an effective long-term solution for decayed or missing teeth and other chronic dental problems. They consist of medical-grade titanium tooth roots fused to your jaw, providing a permanent base for replacement teeth.

Dental implants feel, look, and function like natural teeth and provide complete comfort. They usually consist of three components:

  • The implant – A screw that acts as a new root for your replacement tooth and permanently attaches to the jaw
  • The abutment – A permanent connector that supports and holds the replacement tooth or teeth
  • The prosthetic tooth or crown – Consisting of porcelain or zirconium, this is the visible part of the tooth

These implants can replace a single tooth, more than one tooth, or a full set of upper and lower teeth, with a full arch mouth treatment.

Give us a call, and we can help you choose the best treatment option to bring back your beautiful smile and restore not just your health, but also your self-esteem.

Why Do You Need Dental Implants?

Missing a tooth or teeth may seem inconsequential, but it can affect your health more than you know. Apart from the self-esteem issues that come with bad or missing teeth, missing teeth can also cause:

  • Headaches
  • Jaw deterioration and oral bacterial infections
  • More severe health conditions like cardiovascular disease, endocarditis, and premature birth in pregnant women
  • Trouble chewing and talking

To prevent the above health problems and better understand how dental implants can help, schedule your appointment today and explore what our expert dental care can do for you.

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