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Kid's Dentistry in Brooksville, FL

Whether it will be your child’s first trip to the dentist, or they are used to regular checkups and teeth cleaning appointments, the kid's dentistry team at Shuayb Dental here in Brooksville and Spring Hill, FL are great with children and we are proud of the wonderful experience we aim for with every child that walks through our doors.

When Should My Child’s First Dentist Visit Be?

Kids Dentistry Brooksville FL

A child’s first dentist trip is almost always a short, painless experience for your child. Utilizing very little treatment, we use your child’s first visit as a triage of sorts to help plan future visits. Examining your child’s teeth and gums, we are able to spot any early signs of decay or issues with their permanent teeth as they come in. If there are signs of decay, we may gently clean their teeth and apply a topical solution that provides protection against future decay. This is also a time we can go over with you the best way to help you and your child keep their teeth clean. We will do our best to provide you with the tools you need as a parent to provide the best home dental care for your child.

We will make your child’s dentist experience as comfortable as possible.

What Should I Tell My Child?

So often, we worry as parents about how our child will react to new things, especially situations that are historically deemed as stressful. Treat the dentist’s office with as little grandeur as you would a trip to the ice cream shop, or a local supermarket. We believe that as long as your child doesn’t feel they have a reason to be worried, they’ll have a fine first visit.

We suggest keeping a lighthearted tone about the dentist in front of your child, but we also recommend preparing them for the trip.

Here are a few ways to prepare:

  • Speak positively with them about your time at the dentist’s office.
  • Borrow books from the library involving a child’s first dentist trip.
  • Take your child for a visit to the office before their appointment.
  • Go over what to expect during their first trip.

We believe that with these tips, you and your child’s first trip to our dental office will be a fun and worry-free experience.

How Do You Prevent Cavities?

Cavities are often caused by the diet we give our children. While genetics can play a role, the day-to-day barrage of processed sugars, as well as skipping brushings, can damage the teeth from a young age. Keeping your child’s sugar intake down will not only keep dental health high but and also keep them running around less! But seriously, we definitely recommend establishing a twice-daily brushing routine with your child often and early. Getting them into this daily routine will greatly improve their chances of continuing the preventative process as they get older and reach adulthood.

Whenever you eat food, there is a chemical reaction from the acidic levels inside the mouth, and the structural integrity of your teeth can be affected. For about 20 minutes, the environment within your mouth can damage your teeth, allowing bacteria to gather in what will eventually become a cavity. Depending on the consistency of your child’s saliva, the food particles are more easily washed away when saliva is thin. Thicker saliva, sometimes caused by drinking or eating dairy or foods high in carbohydrates or sugars, has a harder time washing away the bacteria that can cause cavities. Chewing for unnecessary durations only prolongs the time this bacteria is affecting your child’s teeth. This can greatly affect the chances of your child experiencing the pain and discomfort of cavities.

A few things to consider for preventing cavities:

  • Avoid foods that will stick to your child’s teeth.
  • Keep an eye on what your child drinks.
  • Maintain a regular brushing regiment that includes flossing and rinsing.
  • Pick healthy treats to give them during their meals.

How Do You Care for Your Baby’s First Teeth?

When a baby is less than a year old, usually about 6 to 8 months old, their first teeth come in. These are the two front bottom teeth. The four teeth across the top in the front will come in next, followed by the rest of their teeth. This process continues until the child is about two and a half years old. By this time, a child should have all of their temporary teeth, 20 of them. It won’t be until they are about five or six years old that their permanent teeth will start to come in, replacing the baby teeth in front of them. The time it takes for a child’s permanent teeth to show can vary by months so do not fret if your child is not fitting the schedule laid out above.

While one might consider a child’s baby teeth a ‘test run’ of sorts, and thus don’t require as vigilant upkeep as their permanent teeth will, the baby teeth are an important part in a child’s speech development, as well as providing a spot for their permanent teeth to come in properly. Keeping your child on a healthy diet, as well as making sure their teeth and gums are cleaned each day properly, are an important part of the overall development of your child as they grow into an adult.

Your child’s most effective care and comfort is our top concern. Depending on the recommended treatment plan, we may refer your child to one of our trusted pediatric partners in the area. If you have any more questions regarding your child’s first dental visit, call us today.

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