Financial Policy

Dental Insurance

At Shuayb Dental we are committed to making payment as convenient as possible. We accept American Express, Master Card, Discover, Citi Financial and Care Credit. We promise to deliver the best care at the best price, that is why payment will always be due at the time your treatment is rendered unless arranged prior to receiving the service. Should you have any questions or concerns in reference to your account please call us at (352) 666-5133.

It is important that patients remember they are 100% responsible for all fees accrued by Shuayb Dental regardless of your dental insurance coverage.

Our office will send you monthly statements. In our experience insurance companies will respond within six weeks. If your statement does not reflect your insurance payment please give us a call. Remaining balances after your insurance payment have gone through will become your responsibility. Paying these statements as soon as you can is highly valued.

Call one of our offices to speak further about your financial options.

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