Scaling and Root Planing

When treating periodontal disease, one of the first stages of treatment usually includes scaling or root planing as part of a thorough teeth cleaning. This procedure is intended to clean your teeth and gums of the plaque and tartar that has built up. Calculus, the dental definition, can cause periodontal disease and gum inflammation. Used as both preventative maintenace as part of a regular dental hygiene program, and as a stand-alone treatment when the situation calls for it, it is performed when issues ranging from moderate to severe gum disease, and gingivitis.

Scaling & Root Planing Explained

The dentists at Shuayb Dental will first examine your mouth, both visually and by taking X-Rays. We will be able to diagnose the situation and measure the progression of periodontal disease. From tartar accumulation to deeper pockets in the gums than usual, many factors will be taken into consideration. After this is performed the dentist will decide if scaling and root planing is necessary moving forward. Depennding on the extent of the work necessary, a local anesthesia will sometimes be applied to help assist in keeping the patient comfortable.


Plaque and tartar build up and attach themselves to the surface of the tooth. As it hardens, it becomes nearly impossible to remove with a toothbrush and home dental hygiene regiment alone. This is where scaling comes in. Using a dental tool, called an ultrasonic scaling tool, the plaque and tartar is removed from the tooth. Scaling focuses on the area just beneath the gum line and alot the root of the tooth. While we are performing this procedure, we use an oral irrigation tool that keeps the gums clean with an antimicrobial wash.

Root Planing

On the tooth, the surface dentin and cementum that surrounds the root can become packed with tartar, toxins, and bacteria. Using the ultrasonic scaling tool, we smooth down the root, removing this fine external layer of affected material. This will allow your tooth to heal itself, and prevent bacteria and tartar from reforming on the tooth at the same rate.

At times, we use antibiotic fibers that are soaked with the same anti-microbial agents that are in the oral irrigation wash used during scaling. We apply these fibers to the periodontal pockets to ensure the area heals properly, and further infection doesn’t complicate the situation.

In the event that the pockets have recessed too greatly, it can create an issue when cleaning the tartar and plaque from the tooth properly. These pockets become havens for bacterial buildup, and the available space makes it nearly impossible for many patients to keep them properly clean and avoid bacterial infections. With situations this extreme, we sometimes may recommend surgery to restore the area and the periodontal health of your teeth.

How Does Scaling and Root Planing Help Me?

After receiving the procedure from one of our skilled dentists, many patients will experience a whole variety of dental health benefits. After a successful procedure, the improvements in your periodontal hygiene can help stave off disease both in your mouth and in your entire body. When bacterial infections in your mouth are left unchecked, they can enter your bloodstream, infecting multiple areas of the body and in extreme cases causing extensive organ damage and organ failure. By removing the bacteria at the root of these issues, you are protecting your smile and your overall health.

Speaking of protecting your smile, keeping your teeth healthy has an obvious benefit. A brighter, more confident you! When you keep the gum pockets under 3mm, you reduce the risk of infection of the periodontal tissue. As these problems grow, the risk of losing teeth becomes more of an issue. The infection can create an inflammatory response from your body that sometimes even attacks the tissue around the tooth, blindly attempting to remove the infection and the reason for the response. This can accelerate bone and tooth loss even more, affecting your smile and health. The dentists at Shuayb Dental will protect and restore your smile.


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