Rebase & Repairs

Denture Rebase and Repairs

There are times when denture teeth are still in excellent condition but the base of the denture has been worn out. This is when rebasing is the best option. There is simply no point in replacing dentures in their entirety if the teeth are still in excellent condition. Rebasing is just what it sounds like. It is replacing the base of the denture with new acrylic. This is a different process that relining. Relining only replaces the lining while rebasing replaces all of the pink-acrylic on the denture base.

Denture Repair

Shuayb Dental can repair many types of damage to dentures. If there is no need to replace your entire denture, we will not advise you to do so. We are able to repair damages or even fractured dentures to almost like new condition. If we repair your dentures and there is an issue with its functionality or fit, we may need to reassess whether or not we need to take additional steps to create a proper fit such as relining. Our goal is to provide you with proper denture care, but also not add the unneeded expense of brand new dentures.

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