Denture Relines

Denture Relines

When dentures are first implanted or placed within your mouth, they usually fit very snugly. There is usually very little movement and they are usually quite secure. Dentures are made to the unique specifications of your mouth and gums. However, your gums will not stay the same forever. As your gums change, so will the fit of your dentures. You will find that your dentures will become loose. Therefore, your dentures will create friction with your gums. Friction is the enemy of your gums when you have dentures. You should have your dentures professionally relines very couple of years to ensure they remain firmly in place. This reline is important to make sure the dentures function the way they should.

Hard Reline

A hard reline material is comprised of acrylic. A hard reline should be done every couple of years. Shuayb Dental is able to remove a thin layer of plastic from the interior surface of the dentures. We then put a material within the interior of the dentures. The dentures are put onto the gums which will allow an incredibly accurate impression of your gum line. Shuayb Dental will then adjust the dentures within our practice or send it to specialty lab for necessary adjustments.

Soft Reline

Standard dentures are not for everyone. Some people have more sensitive gums than others and are more prone to get sore spots. That is why soft relines are ideal for those of you with sensitive gums. The soft reline material will remain malleable. However it will need replaced once every couple of years. Those of you that have sensitive gums should really consider implant dentures.

Temporary Relines

When your gums are swollen or are not their normal shape, it makes it impossible to create accurate impressions. Using a hard or even soft reline would create a denture shape that would create further issues. A medicated or temporary reline will help reduce the swelling so a proper impression can be taken at a later date. Once the gums have returned to their natural state, a hard reline will be made so your dentures can be properly adjusted.

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