Denture Maintenance / Exams

Denture Maintenance and Exams

Dentures need to be properly maintained. When dentures are not properly maintained, it can cause serious issues. You will want to have a dental exam at least once a year. Shuayb Dental will provide you with the necessary dental and denture care to ensure you are able to maintain proper dental health. Keeping your dentures functioning the way they should be is a critical part of your overall dental care.

When your dentures do not fit correctly it can cause:

  • Tissue irritations
  • Chewing Problems
  • Speech Complications

When we perform a yearly denture exam we follow the following process:

  1. Update Your Charts (Dental and Medical information)
    It is important for our dental practice to be aware of any changes in your dental or medical history. Small changes in your health such as medications you are taking can make a big difference for your dental health. For instance, some medications can cause you to have dry mouth which can make the dentures fit more loosely. This in turn can cause irritation and friction with the gums.
  2. Complete Your Annual Oral Exam
    Oral exams are an important step to identifying oral issues. There are times when someone comes in for a simple annual oral exam. Then we have been able to identify pre-cancerous lesions. We are then able to setup a plan for you to receive proper care. Early detection is always the key when it comes to any type of cancer, including oral.
  3. Inspect for Oral Changes or Denture Damage
    Many things can change from year to year. Your gums and bones are no exception. The smallest of changes can make the biggest difference in your oral health. Additionally, the techniques you use for denture care can affect the integrity of your dentures. Have a dental professional inspect your dentures for proper fit, loose teeth, chips, cracks, or broken teeth is imperative.
  4. We are your denture experts!

    Come visit us at one of our locations for assistance with all of your annual denture inspections.

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