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After a patient has had a tooth extraction, the walls of the socket will be very thick. The socked will naturally fill with bone in a two to three-month time span. There are some patients who have thin socket walls much like the area on the lower and upper sections of the front teeth. If you are one of these patients the healing process can take a bit longer. In circumstances such as thin socket walls a bone graft can be placed at the time of the extraction, this will help to fill the empty socket with bone. Taking this precaution can help to maintain the volume and width of the bone needed for your implant placement.

If a patient had a tooth extracted a good number of years prior to implant placement they could have an insufficient bone that is quite thin. In this instance, the dentist can place a bone graft directly alongside the thin bone. If this process is completed it is recommended that the patient has a healing process of up to 6 months. Following the graft fusing to the pre-existing bone, the implant can be placed. Bone grafting is a rather stress-free office procedure. There are plenty of materials offered for a bone graft as well as your own bone.

If you have large sinus cavities bone grafting may be needed. Typically the larger sinus cavities extend into tooth-bearing areas. Large sinus cavities can be a result of a patient having had extractions at the back of the jaw years prior, making the odds of bone being available for implant placement very narrow. Sinus grafting procedures use sedation or local anesthesia. In this particular procedure the dentist will locate the membrane that borders the sinus cavity then elevates it. Then to restore the height of the bone the dentist will add bone, ensuring the dental implants are at a satisfactory height for placement. This procedure can be paired with the implant placement.

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