Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

When it comes to periodontal treatment in Spring Hill FL, we provide the latest technology, coupled with the professional training and experience required to perform these cutting edge procedures. Including among these procedures, is our laser treatment for gum disease.

Different than Traditional Procedures

Unlike other procedures that use dental tools to acquire a cleaner gum line, these tools can cause bleeding and swelling. The sounds usually attributed to the dentist’s chair can be avoided and stress and anxiety can be reduced greatly when using laser treatment technology. Since there is much less contact from tools within the mouth, recovery time is also decreased allowing for a quicker healing process.

With the focused beam of a laser, the area is sterilized as our dentists work. This reduces the risk for complications including relapses or bacterial infections. Keeping the area clean and sterilized, with little actual contact, allows the tissue to begin the healing process the moment the procedure is over.

No Need for Anesthesia

Anesthesia is unnecessary when undergoing laser treatment, so you can avoid having to deal with needles and leftover numbness after the treatment. Most of the time we use only a local spray to numb the area ever so slightly. Using laser technology removes the need for high costs, complications, and time that is involved with normal anesthesia and dental procedures.

Multiple Laser Treatments Available

With the laser technology, we integrate into dental procedures at our offices, we are capable of performing a swath of procedures. These include gum grafting, osseous surgery, healthy gum regeneration, bacteria removal, and frenectomies. When using laser technology, the risk of periodontal disease returning to the patient in the same areas is lessened when compared to traditional dental treatments.

Discover the revolutionary laser therapy available today.



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