Dental Specialties

In today’s world of dentistry, specialty fields have come into their own. The team at Shuayb Dental is part of a wider network of some of the best dental specialty professionals in the Spring Hill area. Here are a few of the dental specialty fields we either do in-house, or will be able to refer you too.


An orthodontist specializes in the preventative care and treatment of the teeth, mouth, and jaw. With the help of corrective technology such as retainers, braces, and other devices, years of damage can be reversed by an orthodontist that will use the latest techniques to straighten your teeth, and get your jaw to line up correctly, offering a balanced, equal bite when you bite down.

Treating both children and adults, an orthodontist can correct problems of the teeth and jaw from tooth decay, a fall or accident, thumb sucking issues, or losing a child’s baby teeth at too young an age. When dealing with a child’s development, certain issues can form as they are growing that include overlapping or impacted teeth, or issues with proper jaw growth and the development of their teeth. An orthodontist will be able to help you with these problems and others.


As you might have guessed, a periodontist deals with your gums and the disease known as gum disease, or periodontal disease. A periodontist is trained to properly diagnose multiple levels of periodontal disease, and can provide both on hand assistance as well as knowledge that can be used later to prevent future issues. A periodontist has had two more years of study to gain this title. Their main purpose is to help solve any periodontal disease issues you may have.

If you are sent to a periodontist, this means that your dentist has either located or suspects periodontal disease. Working as a close knit team, your dentist and periodontist will put together a customized treatment plan to best serve your particular situation.


If you have ever lost a tooth and been sent to see a specialist to have it replaced, you have probably met with a prosthodontist. They specialize in diagnosing and treating issues caused by structural deficiencies and lost teeth due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other sources.


An endodontist focuses on the diseases and damage cause by injuries. Their work is mainly on the periapical tissues and dental pulp found in your teeth. By seeing an endodontist, they can help design a treatment plan that will help protect against the loss of teeth. Using testing such as radiographs and pulp tests, and endodontist is trained to identify the condition and strength of these tissues.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, or OMS, has an extensive medical training to do what they do. After the four years of dental school to obtain their first degree, they have returned to school and completed another four to seven years in hospital-based surgical training. With this extended knowledge, they are called upon to handle more invasive surgeries including bone grafts and surgeries dealing with the bones and tissues around the mouth, face, and neck.

Pediatric Dentist

After dental school, a pediatric dentist is trained for another two years to work with children and to learn with all that is involved with the treatment of the growing mouth. As a child’s teeth develop, a pediatric dentist that regularly sees your child will be able to keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy, with the proper brushing and flossing at home of course! A pediatric dentist and a regular dentist both are qualified to work on childrens’ teeth, but a pediatric dentist has been trained to make the situation as comfortable as possible for the child. They also have with them a staff that is focused on caring for children and providing a safe environment for their dentist visit.

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